Sioux Center, Iowa

My name is RJ Masselink I am a Dordt College student which is located in North West Iowa. I am not only Dave Schipper’s contact man for his adventure through Yellowstone this week but one of his favorite nephews. I love everything outdoors and am intrigued by the trips Dave goes on.


Red fish laek

RJ Masselink 


Everytime Dave calls me I am excited and eager to hear what he has to say because with a guy like Dave you never really know what’s brewing in his head. This is not the first time I have assisted him on a trip. In 2013, Dave asked me to be his contact as he kayaked across Lake Michigan. I am always honored and ready to jump on every opportunity I get to help him out…. even though as time goes on and we all get older (Dave), I am more likely to have to do some work and bail him out. Lucky for me I am in North West Iowa and would be sending someone else in to lend a helpful hand while I make the phone call. Happy trails and always remember “Fail to plan, plan to fail” wise words of the day.




Time to Ski

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I have a vigilant list of excuses waiting to rationalize its inevitability. As a self-employed business owner, self-exiled to the hinterland of the Utah desert southeast, I strive to maintain a self-imposed level of professionalism. I remind myself that my clients are in offices run by HR departments. I’ve had several close calls in the last months.

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Thursday morning, I’d been up early emailing factories and clients in 5 countries. As noon slipped by I planned a way to get to the Love Muffin before closing. I have a million things on my mind and feel pulled in opposing directions (segue into excuses). Two blocks from home on a splitter sunny spring day, riding my favorite cruiser, I have that sinking feeling, the knowing of which cannot be undone. It has happened. I have worn my camo slippers (with rubberized soles) out of the house.

There is no excuse – it has happened and I need to face its reality. To get my game back and reassert my priorities I think a few days of winter camping is needed….